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If you live in sunny California you should not be paying for hot water.

heatpipeDesert Power Inc. carries a full line of evacuated tube heat pipe collectors.  These attractive solar collectors are now cost competitive to flat plate collectors and are two to three times more efficient. They work well even on cloudy and windy days.   Can be used is wide range of applications like domestic hot water, hydronic heating,  pool/spa heating, and more.

solthermFor larger commercial application we engineer and install tracking parabolic trough type collectors. If your plant needs a cost effective industrial heat source you may consider a solar thermal plant.   We have systems that can fit on your rooftop or fill your yard.   Let the sun power your business and start saving today.

With rebates and tax incentives a solar thermal system can be one of the best investmest

you can make!

Call today to explore this possibility.