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Our Experts Can Analyze your Business or Home and produce a detailed report showing you ways you can save money and reduce your environmental impact.

The objective of an energy audit is to identify potential improvements that will reduce energy use and your environmental impact while increasing the comfort and livability of your property.

Our certified and trained inspectors will:
    1. Collect and analyze historical energy use.
    2. Study the building and its operational characteristics.

    3. Identify potential modifications that will reduce energy use and/or operating cost.

    4. Create a detailed analysis that ranks the appropriate modifications.

    5. Prepare an informative report to present to the owner/operator that documents the audit
        process and results.

An energy audit of a home or facility will provide sufficient information for the owner and/or operator of a facility to understand the energy use characteristics of the building. The audit breaks down the total energy use and cost for the home or facility into various end uses, such as heating, air conditioning, lighting etc., and will show the potential savings for each modification.

 The energy audit will also provide the owner/operator with all information needed to commit necessary resources to reduce the home�s or building�s energy use and/or cost.

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