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res1Now has never been a better time to invest in your energy independence and environmental stewardship.   Desert Power Inc. is encouraged to offer a full range of solar power kits for your home. 

On-Grid or Off-Grid our experts can help you find the right system for you.

Our systems are designed to eliminate your electric bill, increase the value of your home, protect you from energy inflation, and reduce your environmental impact. You can pay the power company for the next ten years and have not much to show for it, or you can take control of your future and own your own power today.
res2Our pre-engineered kits are designed with top of the line products including Sun-Earth photovoltaic modules, SMA America and Outback Power Systems inverters, and Unirac mounts and rails.  We have done the work so you can enjoy years of maintenance free power production and receive the maximum rebate from the California Solar Initiative.  We also carry a full range of Solar Thermal systems that can provide you with hot water,  space heat, and more.

Now for a limited time we are including a Power Saver 1200 free with the purchase of a solar power package.



If your system requires batteries, we recommend Nickel Iron Batteries. Edison cells can last for 40+ years, are non toxic, produce no corrosive fumes, do not freeze, can handle heavy use and abuse, can be under-charged over-charged without loss of capacity, and are much easier to maintain with gravity fed watering system than vented lead acid batteries.   

See how these amazing environmentally friendly low maintenance long lasting batteries stack up against Lead Acid.

                                                                                             Ni/Fe      Lead
� Up to 40 years life                                                                 Yes            No
� Leave in any state of charge without harm                        Yes            No
� Has memory effect (1)                                                          No            Yes
� Battery damage 100% D.O.D (2)                                          No            Yes
� Sulfating of plates                                                                No            Yes
� Regulator optional                                                              Yes            No
� Frequent hydrometer readings                                             No            Yes
� Corrosive fumes (3)                                                              No            Yes
� Use on DC to AC inverters (4)                                              Yes            Yes
� Equalization charge required (5)                                         Yes            Yes
Add to system anytime (6)                                                   YES            NO
� Wide operating temperature                                              Yes            No
� Bad cell easily removed (7)                                                  Yes            No
� Can fully charge in 5-7 hours without harm                         Yes            No
� HydroCaps� available                                                        Yes            Yes
� Toxic substances                                                                   No            Yes
� Damage to battery if overcharged
or undercharged         No            Yes
� Venting optional                                                                  Yes            No
� Easy maintenance                                                                Yes            No

1. Sinterplate nickel cadmium batteries have a memory effect as well as some lead acid
batteries, not pocket plate nickel iron.
2. D.O.D. means depth of discharge.
3. Nickel iron batteries produce only hydrogen and oxygen past 80% state of charge.
Gases still should be vented to meet electrical code.
4. Most inverters on the market are designed for lead acid batteries, but NiFe battereies can
be used on most inverters today. We recommend Exeltech MSX, OutBack, Samplex and Xantrex sine wave inverters.
5. Twice a year for alkaline batteries and once a month for lead acid batteries.
6. Lead acid batteries internal resistance (IR) increases at a steady rate while alkaline
batteries IR stabilizes. You should not mix batteries with different internal resistance�s.
7. NiFe cells are much lighter then lead acid cells and also have less voltage per cell.

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