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Desert Power Inc.

Desert Power Inc. is a California based Alternative Energy Development and Marketing Firm. We specialize in Renewable Energy, Co-generation, Tri-generation, Waste Heat Recovery and Energy efficiency.  Our experience allows us to serve the commercial, industrial, residential and public sectors.

Our philosophy is to Reduce Reuse and Replace

Reduce energy use by applying proven technologies and new innovations. Such as energy wise windows and doors, weather stripping, insulation, LED lighting, skylights, heat pumps, on demand hot water heaters, high efficiency air conditioning, and more. We strive to provide the best technology for each individual application.     

Reuse energy that is currently being wasted.  Improvements like upgrading an inefficient boiler with a combined heat and power cycle, ie co-generation. Centralized power, heating, and cooling in one package that achieves efficiencies near unity, ie tri-generation via our EGBHP�.  Waste heat recovery from industrial processes for power generation and envelope heating and cooling. There and many opportunities for wasted energy to be reused and we are excited to provide world class engineering and development to meet your needs.

Replace fossil fuel energy sources with clean renewable energy. We have expertise with large commercial and residential photovoltaic solar projects.  Experience with wind projects from a megawatts down to solutions for home owners.  We have a commitment to bring emerging renewable energy technologies to market and can provide consulting and development services for Biomass, Hydro, Geothemal, and Tidal energy technologies.

We provide Energy Project Development.

Energy Audits for Businesses and Homeowners.

Financial assistance for qualified energy projects.

Products and services that will reduce your bottom line and your environmental impact.

Call us today and learn about the exciting opportunities to saving money and help ensure a more sustainable future and cleaner environment.