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DPI 100kW Turbine

windmaticWith the SGIP rebate and Frederal Tax incentives the payback on this turbine in California is typically less than 2 years.  If you live in a good wind resource area and have a need for power, this is an investment that you can not afford not to make.

We manufacture this turbine from a design that has over 25 years of proven reliability, performance, and low maintenance. The turbine generator consists of a 3 blade turbine assembly attached to a shaft supported by two pillow block bearings with a brake rotor between the bearings. The shaft is attached to a speed increaser that produces the necessary 1800 rpm for the generator. The entire assembly is situated on an 85 ft tall lattice tower. The system has automatic over speed control and yaw sensing and control. The over speed control is primarily a hydraulic brake on the slow speed shaft with turbine blade spoilers as a backup.


�    Foundation:  4 reinforced concrete piers 5 ft diameter x 18 ft deep
�    Lattice Tower:  primed steel
�    Turbine Blades:  fiberglass with wood spar
�    Turbine blade hub assembly:  steel
�    Turbine slow speed shaft:  6 inch steel shaft
�    Pillow Block Bearings:  SKF spherical roller bearing with split pillow block housing
�    Brake rotor and hydraulic brake assembly
�    Speed increaser:  25 to 1 increaser shaft mounted gear box or Gates Power band system
�    Generator:  induction generator
�    Yaw Control System:  including weather vane and controller with Bull Gear and Pinion Gear




The DPI 100kW wind turbine comes with a full 1 year manufacturer�s warranty on the components. 

Service Agreement:
Typical installations include a 3 year monthly maintenance agreement.

Call us today for pricing and installation!