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The Desert Power, Inc. Team

Earl Schmid, President

Earl Schmid

Earl Schmid has attended Marshall University, Georgia Tech and the University of North Dakota while working toward a major in mathematics and computer science.

Earl Schmid is presently the President of Desert Power Inc., a California Corporation with California General Engineering A and Electrical C-10 Contractor�s License. Desert Power�s stated mission is to help reduce fossil fuel consumption by providing alternative technologies that more efficiently use fossil fuels and replace fossil fuels with renewable energy. Desert Power has recently completed the first hybrid solar/co-gen system in the SCE area in Blythe, CA at a produce processing facility. The project was supported with a $1,000,000 grant under the Self Generation Incentive Program and consists of 120 kW of solar PV and 820 kW of natural gas internal combustion engine co-generation with the heat recovered from the exhaust and jacket water with an ammonia heat pump to provide chilling for cold storage. Desert Power is currently under contract to design and construct a 1 MW natural gas fired co-gen system at an industrial park where the electricity produced will be sold to the tenants in the park and the heat recovered will be used by one tenant for drying sand. Desert Power also has numerous contracts for residential and commercial solar PV systems and has contracted with BP to operate and maintain a wind farm with 140 turbines in the Palm Springs area.

Prior to working with Desert Power Earl worked as a Project Manager at Colmac Energy, a 50 MW biomass  power plant in Mecca, CA. The Colmac Energy plant uses waste wood products with two fluidized bed boilers to produce steam to drive a single 50 MW turbine generator set.

Prior to working at Colmac Energy Earl worked on the construction of a large synfuels plant in Beulah, North Dakota. This plant uses lignite coal to produce pipeline quality synthetic natural gas that is marketed in the Midwest.

Prior to working on the construction of the gasification plant Earl worked in the energy industry constructing large coal fired power plants. Earl has worked as a timekeeper, payroll clerk, office manager, purchasing agent, cost engineer, contract administrator, union field pipe welder and start-up foreman on a number of AEP plants including a 800 mw plant in Louisa, KY for Kentucky Power, the John Amos Plant in Nitro, West Virginia, the Gavin Plant in Gallipolis, Ohio, the Mountaineer Plant in New Haven, West Virginia and for Montana Dakota Utilities at a 400 MW plant in Beulah, North Dakota.

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